I will be offering you no less than 4 lessons, where I’m helping you step-by-step to build the wardrobe you’ve always dreamed about. A sustainable, longlasting kind.

The course will be available in both Danish and English.

Buy access to the full course for €199 – and save €76!

LESSON 1: declutter & find your style – €70
1.1 – Intro
1.2 – The current situation
1.3 – Setting goals
1.4 – Find your style
1.5 – Decluttering
1.6 – Structuring your closet

Included in the worksheets for lesson 1 (among other things):
– A visual style test to help you uncover your true style

– Lots of room for notes on setting goals, writing a style manifest, a wishlist & more

LESSON 2: better shopping habits – €65
2.1 – Intro
2.2 – Spotting good quality
2.3 – Handling passing trends
2.4 – Online shopping
2.5 – How to approach sales
2.6 – Sustainable materials
2.7 – Shopping secondhand
2.8 – To buy or not?

Included in the worksheets for lesson 2 (among other things): 
– An optimized sustainable brand list parted into categories & style directions – so it’s easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for
– A basic sustainable material guide
– A list of certifications to look for when you shop
– A mini-guide to succesful secondhand shopping (and tips if you wish to sell something)
– How to calculate the “cost per wear” for something (and determine whether or not something will be a good investment)

LESSON 3: wardrobe care – €55
3.1 – Intro
3.2 – Utilizing your closet space
3.3 – Sustainable laundry routines
3.4 – Repairs & adjustments
3.5 – Jewelry care & storage
3.6 – Packing tips

Included in the worksheets for lesson 3 (among other things):
– Sustainable laundry routine tips & tricks
– A guide on how to clean your jewelry at home
– A full packing guide & packing check list template

LESSON 4: styling tips & tricks – €85
4.1 – Intro
4.2 – A new approach to “body types”
4.3 – Weight fluctuations
4.4 – Which colours suit me?
4.5 – Combining colours & patterns
4.6 – Adding contrast
4.7 – New outfits without shopping

Included in the worksheets for lesson 3 (among other things)
– FAQ sheet with lots of additional style questions answered

– A body DNA guide (how to determine your body characteristics and which styles that may work for your shape)
– A full guide on determining your skin tone and which colours might suit you better
– The basics of colour relationships and which colours & patterns look good combined (including lots of examples)
– 3 real-life wardrobe cases with examples of how I’ve helped women curate their wardrobes & style
– A pinterest keyword sheet based upon different style directions (so you can learn to curate your inspiration better)
– A “new outfits without shopping” sheet including tips & tricks and a little challenge

PERSONAL WARDROBE SESSIONS: online & offline (coming in 2021)

You pay once for which ever lesson (or full course) you find suitable, and then you will have access to exclusive material such as videos, worksheets and real life cases, that will help you in the process. Some lessons are a little more expensive than others, because they might have more worksheets and exclusive material than others.

Through years of creating free content on YouTube and on my blog (which I will still offer on the side), this course is a much more thorough, step-by-step guide which will help those of you who have never succeeded making it on your own – including lots of new material that has never been shared before.

You will also get access to a whole new, exclusive community of likeminded people, just like you. Feel free to use the forum and comment sections you find within each tier/lesson. Let’s connect and help each other along the way! I will of course be here to guide you as well, and my inbox will always be open. Please note that depending on how many questions you have, I might advise you to book in/buy a separate wardrobe session with me, either online or offline.

(NB! as I’m expecting a baby girl with due in mid October, I will limit how frequently I will be available in our community to once a week until further noticed – and personal wardrobe sessions are not available before the start of 2021. I will keep you updated of course!)