Dear brand

Interested in working with me?
Here are some things you should know about how I work before you contact me.

Sustainability, inclusion & ethical practises is a must for me.
I wish to contribute to a greener, kinder, more eco-conscious and inclusive fashion & lifestyle industry. If your brand doesn’t have a clear vision on either of these things and unless ethical practises are a core part of your business model; we are not likely to be a good match. 

Be aware I might ask you in depth questions about what exactly you are doing to keep up with these practises; e.g. things such as production and materials, but also if you make sure that inclusion, accessibility and representation is at the forefront of your organisation such as:

  • Are you actively showing underrepresented groups on your social feeds and in campaigns?
  • How do you ensure diversity during events, panel debates, press trips etc.?
  • How do you ensure diversity within your organisation?
  • What anti-racism work are you/have you actively been doing?
  • Do you have any sustainability reports, 3rd party certifications or similar linked to your work that can prove your efforts?

I generally say no thanks to giftings of any kind. 
My work is not free. In a situation of ”no budget for online marketing” I would rather you contact me and simply make me aware of your brand so I can support you with my own money, than offering a work-for-gifts type of collaboration. 

As a Danish citizen I am obliged to pay tax of any freebies I might recieve and keep through my work, so this is in all ways a very unsustainable way of doing business for me. Should you want to send me anything anyway, please know that I am in no way promising you to make any content about your product.

Still interested? AMAZING.
You may contact my management team at: