capsule wardrobe masterclass

increase your style confidence - in the comfort of your home!

My capsule wardrobe masterclass will teach you to build a functional and stylish wardrobe, where mindful consumption and the joy of wearing (and re-wearing!) your clothes is at the very core.


New and improved masterclass launching in fall 2022. Sign up HERE to get notified.


A Few Facts

More than 200 students have already joined

Available in Danish & English

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Get structured, step-by-step guidance and inspiration on building your own, unique and versatile capsule wardrobe: from start to finish. 

  • You have a wardrobe that feels allover the place
  • You want to learn how to make more eco-friendly fashion choices
  • You want to master the art of creating chic outfits with less effort – every day
  • You want to define and develop your style personality and feel more confident in what you wear
  • You want to stop wasting money and valuable ressources on buying the wrong clothes
  • You want to learn how to make your wardrobe last
  • 2,5 hours worth of video material in total (all 4 lessons)
  • Additional assignments & worksheets for each lesson (e.g. your own stylesheet, wardrobe planner, brand recommendations and more)
  • Buy a custom colour palette for your colour type
  • Client cases showcasing how you can put it all into practise
  • Free access to my E-book “Styling Toolbox”
  • Lifetime access so you can finish at your own pace

After signing up to the class you’ll have lifetime access, so you can finish at your own pace. However, to make sure you benefit fully from the course it is recommended that you:

  • Work coherently on finishing the course over a couple weeks, so that everything you learn will stay fresh in your memory
  • Finish up & read all the additional assignments and worksheets lesson by lesson

Go to the Masterclass menu tab in the top right corner of the page and choose “Student login” – or simply click here.

In the Masterclass tab you’ll also be able to switch between the lesson(s) that you are signed up to.

Since I am providing a digital service where you’ll be granted immediate access to all the provided material, please understand that I am not legally obliged to cancel an order or offer a refund. This protects my business from copyright infringements and similar.

Should you be having issues or if you discover that this is in no way what you thought it would be, I may offer a refund on a case-by-case basis.

Refunds and cancellation requests may be send to: