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  • LESSON 1: Declutter & find your (current) style
  • LESSON 2: better shopping habits
  • LESSON 3: wardrobe care
  • LESSON 4: styling tips, body harmony & finding your best colour

You get: more than 2 hours of video material including hours worth of worksheets, client cases and additional tips.


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Included in this product:

LESSON 1: style personality development
Videos included (app. 33 mins. in total):
1.1 – Intro
1.2 – The current situation
1.3 – Setting goals
1.4 – Find your style (style personality analysis)
1.5 – Decluttering
1.6 – Structuring your closet
1.7 – Passive & sentimental clothes (what to do with them?)
1.8 – Building an image moodboard & visual wardrobe
1.9 – Client case: practical examples of the tools you learn in this lesson

Included in the worksheets for lesson 1:
– A visual style test to help you uncover your current style

– Lots of room for notes on setting goals, writing a style manifest, a wishlist & more
– A seasonal wardrobe planner
– Client case with images & practical examples, so you can get inspired and get a good start yourself

LESSON 2: better shopping habits
Videos included (app. 29 mins. in total):
2.1 – Intro
2.2 – Spotting good quality
2.3 – Handling passing trends
2.4 – Online shopping
2.5 – How to approach sales
2.6 – Sustainable materials
2.7 – Shopping secondhand
2.8 – To buy or not?

Included in the worksheets for lesson 2: 
– An optimized sustainable brand list parted into categories & style directions – so it’s easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for
– A basic sustainable material guide
– A list of certifications to look for when you shop
– A mini-guide to succesful secondhand shopping (and tips if you wish to sell something)
– How to calculate the “cost per wear” for something (and determine whether or not something will be a good investment)

LESSON 3: wardrobe care
Videos included (app. 27 mins. in total):
3.1 – Intro
3.2 – Utilizing your closet space
3.3 – Sustainable laundry routines
3.4 – Repairs & adjustments
3.5 – Jewelry care & storage
3.6 – Packing tips

Included in the worksheets for lesson 3:
– Sustainable laundry routine tips & tricks
– A guide on how to clean your jewelry at home
– A full packing guide & packing check list template

LESSON 4: styling tips & tricks
Videos included (app. 40 mins. in total):
4.1 – Intro
4.2 – Body harmony tips
4.3 – Weight fluctuations
4.4 – Finding your colour type & your best colours (using “The Tonal System”, read more HERE)
4.5 – How to combine your best colours & patterns
4.6 – Creating stylish outfits every day
4.7 – New outfits without shopping

Included in the worksheets for lesson 4:
– FAQ sheet with lots of additional style questions answered
– A body DNA guide (how to determine your body characteristics and which styles that may work for your shape)
– A guide on determining your colour type, and which colours + combinations work best for you

– 3 real-life wardrobe cases with examples of how I’ve helped women curate their wardrobes & style
– A pinterest keyword sheet based upon different style directions (so you can learn to curate your inspiration better)
– Free access to my E-book Styling Toolbox which includes 10 useful styling tools, right at your fingertips!


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