LESSON 3: finding your best colours

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In this lesson you will learn how to find your best colours (according to the tonal system) and generally feel more confident when introducing colours to your wardrobe. Learn which combinations are best for you as well as which makeup colours will enhance your look.

Includes expert guidance from me to help maximise the benefits of taking the course – read the full terms & conditions for receiving masterclass guidance HERE. This specific lesson also includes an opportunity to purchase your own physical colour swatch wallet. Learn how to do that HERE.

For a more extensive colour type analysis check out my one-on-one colour analysis services.

Available in both Danish & English.

Videos included (app. 45 mins. in total):
3.1 – Find your dominant colour type with The Tonal System
3.2 – An introduction to secondary colourtypes
3.3 – The psychology of colour (choosing the right colours for the right situation)
3.4 – How to combine colours & prints
3.5 – Finding your best makeup colours
3.6 – Bringing it together: client case with examples

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Included in the worksheets for lesson 3:
  • Step-by-step homework sheet
  • Stylesheet template to help you visualize your dream wardrobe & style
  • Overview of your best colours according to your dominant colour type
  • Makeup guideline on which makeup colours work best for your colour type


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