LESSON 4: mindful shopping & wardrobe care

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In this video you will learn to master the art of better, more conscious shopping habits. You’ll learn to stay more focused when buying new clothes, as well as making more eco-conscious decisions in terms of better quality, materials and brands. Furthermore you’ll learn some general ways to extend the life of your clothes and care for your wardrobe to make it last.

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Available in both Danish & English.

Videos included (app. 45 mins. in total):
4.1 – Better shopping
4.2 – Brands that match your style-profile
4.3 – How to spot “good quality”
4.4 – Say goodbye to passing trends
4.5 – Online shopping tips
4.6 – Get the most out of sales
4.7 – Eco-friendly materials
4.8 – Secondhand shopping tips
4.9 – Cost per wear: to buy or not?
4.10 – Loved clothes last: wardrobe care
4.11 – What to do with unworn/decluttered clothes

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Included in the worksheets for lesson 4:
  • Step-by-step homework sheet
  • Stylesheet template to help you visualize your dream wardrobe & style
  • Extensive brand library with links to slow fashion brands (divided into style personality)
  • Wardrobe care guide
  • Cost-per-wear excel sheet


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