Virtual wardrobe review - Deluxe (gift card)

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The wardrobe review deluxe consultation is what I’d like to call a full wardrobe glow-up; it includes two extra added services than your typical wardrobe review. One comes in the form of a colour analysis to help you curate a perfect palette of colours that are easy to combine and that bring out the best in you as well. The other added service includes your very own tailormade shopping list with links and outfit ideas. I will of course do my best to find eco-friendly and ethically made options as far as it’s possible, and the end goal is to help you curate your shopping so that it becomes more mindful and conscious. After our consultation you will receive a feedback sheet and a visual image moodboard to help you keep your focus moving forward, including lots of ideas on how to style your wardrobe in new, refreshing ways.

I highly recommend ordering a fabric swatch wallet (prices from €59 + shipping costs*) after a virtual colour consultation, so that you can use this for reference when shopping both for clothing or makeup, to make sure that you stick with your best colours. The wallet includes no less than 30 swatches of your best colours. Please note that if you have planned to get your hair dyed a new colour, I would advice you to wait with a consultation until after your trip to the hairdresser, as hair colour has a huge impact on your dominant colour type.

*Please be aware that a small customs/import fee might apply since the swatches will be send from the UK




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