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I booked an express color analysis and when Signe sent me the results, I was surprised because I had not expected what she answered. But since I have followed Signe’s Youtube channel for years, I trust her and I decided to only use the colors in my wardrobe that aligned with her diagnosis for a while, and see how I felt. What can I say – she was spot on. I am very happy and grateful with the results and I think Signes services are very helpful. I can highly recommend her work!


Thank you for clearing up so much confusion and uncertainty for me. It is really difficult to do an analysis on oneself despite the myriad of resources available online (I would say that online resources make it even more confusing). I am so glad to have had you conduct my analysis and to have received a colour palette, as well as colour combinations. The makeup colour palette will help me enormously to filter out all the “shiny things” I see online and immediately determine them as “not for me”. The main colour palette will also help me when clothing shopping, which has been the biggest hit-or-miss area for me in determining what really is worth purchasing, and what I should rather leave in the store. So I believe this is a life-long tool which will help me to curate my wardrobe and outfits with more ease.


I enjoyed my session with Signe. She managed to pack a lot of information and work into the hour we had for the colour consultation. She was considerate, sensitive, and professional in her assessment. I appreciated how she presented the Colour Me Beautiful approach with confidence while still managing to keep it personal. Highly recommended! I regret not also booking the make-up session. I would recommend doing both the colour consult and make-up session together as it seems like a very natural progression from one to the next.


I had a throughout delightful Deluxe Style Analysis with Signe. I loved the knowledge that Signe shared on the colour theory and it was really fun to see different colours in action. I feel very inspired trying new colour combination and exploring my warm colour type. Signe gave some great styling tips and I was impressed, by the variety of creating outfits – just with a few items I brought with me. I left the studio feeling inspired and cannot wait to play more with my style. The best part was that all the colours and outfits still feel very “me”. I received a great follow-up, with some on-point shopping suggestion and a very useful summary of our session. Signe’s studio has a wonderful atmosphere and I overall had just a lovely time working with her. Thank you so much!


I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I had weddings and travel and now everyday life is better because of you!  At 61 years old I feel like I have finally found my “lane”.  It’s so fun and rewarding to plan my clothes.  I also don’t feel the constant stress about how I’m going to present myself.  Now I can just enjoy life and feel good and “comfortable in my own skin”. Thank you❣️

I have to say a big THANK YOU! I was a little bit nervous but you are so gorgeous and now, I feel inspired again. Thanks again for the unforgettable experience – you are such a inspiration in everything for me!


It’s been almost a month since we met and I can’t explain how grateful I am that you could give me the clarity I needed. Ever since we met I’ve been recreating amazing outfits. I feel great. A new me has been born!

I’ve watched dozens of color analysis videos, and while they can be incredibly helpful, there’s so much clarity that comes from a personalized color analysis. Signe offered friendly, expert advice while customizing the analysis based not only on what “technically” works but also according to what works with my personality, preferences, and lifestyle. It was a pleasure to work with her, and I’d warmly recommend her service to others.


Thank you very much for this great session. It was really a super pleasant time and I was able to take away valuable tips. The prepared documents are so great, thank you very much for this too. Now I can choose more consciously and in case of a new purchase I know exactly what I am looking for 🙂

Thanks for your help. Your masterclass is fantastic and everything is very well explained! A big thank-you!


I got my color palette the day before yesterday and LOVE it. The brochure for autumn winter was great, too. I look forward to learning more about color from you. It seems your method allows me a little more freedom.  

Participating in your masterclass really reached beyond just clothes into a core part of seeing myself for who I am. This has been especially helpful coming out of the pandemic, as I felt a total disconnect from the clothes I wore pre-2020, and had to in many ways find new ways of styling myself to connect with my more adult self. Thanks to your content, I’ve been able to do this with a curator’s eye, much more mindfully, instead of loading up on cheap items just to have “nothing to wear”.


Participating in Signe’s masterclass brought me so much joy and made me realize that my closet is already full of amazing clothes. Thanks to the masterclass I’m now more confident in wearing and combining what I already own in new, more interesting and chic ways. Also, the colour analysis was a really helpful tool for me, and I will definitely be using the swatches whenever adding anything new to my closet. During the whole process Signe’s support was amazing and I can’t recommend her services enough. Thanks!


Booking a wardrobe review DELUXE was my treat to myself for the new year and it was worth every penny. As we went through my colour type, the light bulb went off and I feel more confident now, as previously I was pretty confused about what colours and combinations work best for me. Defining my style and reviewing my wardrobe has also really given me clarity about how to create outfits I feel both comfortable and chic in. Thanks so much Signe!


Thank you for the very interesting colour analysis session, Signe. I’m looking forward to embracing my SOFT palette and building a durable wardrobe that really works for me and my lifestyle!


Signe’s virtual wardrobe review is a wonderful way to assess your current wardrobe and see it with new eyes. Her sessions are thorough, educational and fun. She has a way of styling the pieces you already have in fresh ways and making little tweaks and suggestion for possible additions to your closet that will compliment what you have, thereby saving you from buying more clothes that will end up in the back of your closet.


Through a styling session I discovered why some outfits work, and other leave me feeling “blah”. Signe helped me reveal new outfits possibilities within my wardrobe that I haven’t thought about myself, and she was able to point out exactly which items I could add to achieve more coherence. I highly recommend a styling session with Signe if you’d like to do something nice for yourself.

I just wanted to let you know that I just had my first 2 weeks of training for my new job and I felt super confident in all my outfits! I had bought a few new things and I was able to mix and match my outfits. I still have a few things on my wish list, but it felt so much easier for me to put together outfits and especially finish it off with a watch or some jewelry. Thanks again so much!


The experience with your wardrobe review & colour analysis was that the method is flexible and kind in the way that I don’t feel stuck or lost after receiving all this new information. And I feel like I don’t have to be anyone else but who I am, which I’m very much looking forward to this year, versus trying to dress for some fantasy version of myself. Thank you for being a wonderful guide!

I was so excited to do my own colour analysis, but I didn’t have anyone in my area. So I decided to do a virtual one with Signe because I really resonated with her upon viewing her website. She is very lovely and clearly responded to any questions that I had, and in a very timely fashion. I highly recommend her!

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