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does this sound like you?

Anyone can wear any colour they want. But the version of the colour and how you combine it has quite a big impact on both your appearance, the way you feel as well as how it is perceived by your surroundings. 

Take red for example. Red can be orangey, clear and vibrant or it can be more muted with a cool undertone. So which one will be right for you and your colour type?


you’re tired of safe neutrals

You feel overwhelmed by colour choices – so you end up wearing the same “safe” black, white and grey on repeat


you want theoretic validation

By defining your colour type you will find out why some colours make you feel amazing – and others not so much


you want to make better investments

Make sure that the colours you choose for your wardrobe will be a good investment – both now and later

finding your colour type

why colour me beautiful?

The colour me beautiful Tonal System is unique. We moved from the traditional ‘seasons’ approach many years ago to offer clients more flexibility in the way that we analyse. As well as assessing the look of someone, I also take into account their style personality and profession. This allows me to provide my clients with a wallet of colours that work for them on every level. And more importantly, I teach them how to wear their colours too.

In its simplest form, the colour me beautiful system is made up of six dominants (I then build upon these to find your secondary and tertiary palettes). Can you spot yourself from this blogpost?

Colour can have a huge impact on how we look, how we feel and how others perceive us

virtual colour consultation

(worldwide bookings – requires access to Zoom)

1 hour


is it really possible to conduct a colour analysis virtually?

Yes, absolutely – however, a virtual consultation of course has a few limitations. We would be able to define what we call your “dominant” colour type through a virtual consultation. Your dominant colour type is based on the relationship between your hair, skin and eye colour.

The dominant colours in your palette make up 30 out of up to 42 in total, so either way the consultation will be a revelation.  For finetuning and adding the final 12 colours, often defined by for example your skin’s undertone, I’d always advice in-person consultations over virtual ones as we rely heavily on our coloured testing drapes when we do undertone testing on clients. A person’s undertone can be hard to get right just by looking at pictures. In case I can easily add those extra 12 colours to the analysis I will of course offer you this, but please note that the virtual consultation by default doesn’t include it.

in-person colour consultations

(in my studio in Aabenraa)

Colour analysis


colour analysis & makeup session


*I will be using makeup products from Colour Me Beautiful which are vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and produced in the UK. The products contain perfume. Read more HERE.

a few extra facts

If you have planned to get your hair dyed a new colour, I would advice you to wait with a consultation until after your trip to the hairdresser, as hair colour has a huge impact on your dominant colour type.

However, I’m also happy to share advice on which hair colour you could go for during the consultation (before going to the hairdresser), and potentially how it would affect your colour palette.

Take the guess work out of shopping with a colour swatch wallet containing 30-42 of the best colours from your colour characteristic (included with in-person consultations). The fabric swatches are presented in a compact wallet that you can keep in your handbag when shopping, to make sure you steer clear of clothes that won’t serve you in the long run. 


  • Up to 42 different colour swatches (prices from €59-€69)
  • Colours that will flatter your colour type and increase your style confidence 
  • A brief description of your colour type and how to best combine/wear your colours

All the info you need for your preparation will be send to you via email once your booking is complete (make sure to check your junk folder too).

For virtual consultations I will need a few pictures of yourself taken in natural daylight, and you will also need to prepare a small handful of clothes in different colours so we can discuss how to best wear what you already have.

Naturally the virtual colour consultation is a bit different as the in-person ones, as I won’t be able to drape you in your best colours. Instead, I will walk you through an on-screen presentation and afterwards I will show you your colours on camera and explain to you in detail why these are your best colours, how to combine them and more.

Read more under the “virtual colour consultations” section above.

Colour swatch wallets are included with in-person consultations, so if I have all your colours in stock you’ll walk out of my studio with a swatch wallet right away. Otherwise I will arrange to order it directly to your doorstep for you, no extra fees charged.

For the virtual consultation you will receive a follow-up email with a PDF including a quick recap of your colours (not suitable for printing as the colours wouldn’t show correctly). After the virtual session it’s up to you if you wish to order the physical swatch wallet or not, as it’s not included in the consultation price. Please be aware that since the wallet is shipped from the UK a small customs fee may apply.

All clients for colour consultations will be offered to join a secret Pinterest board suitable for their dominant colour type, so you can get even more inspiration on colour combinations and how to actually start wearing your best colours.

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