Book as a group and save the travel to my studio!


(Within Denmark only)

Save the travel to my studio by booking as a group! I’ll pack my consultation tools and come to you. This is a perfect opportunity for a private group of friends, a hen party, company events or similar. Keep reading to learn more about how to book this service.

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3 reasons to book as a group

Colour analysis is a wonderful way to make smarter, longterm wardrobe investments. It’s a way to ensure the colours you wear will make you look (and feel!) amazing – and it’s a powerful tool that will give you confidence to wear colour because you’ll finally know how to do it. Anyone can wear any colour they want. But the version of the colour and how you wear it has a big impact on both your appearance, the way you feel as well as how you’re perceived by your surroundings. And that’s no matter if you love wearing neutrals or rainbow palettes!

It’s important to note that personal preferences play a large role in fashion choices, and color analysis is just one tool to help you make more informed decisions. Ultimately, it’s about finding a balance between your preferred styles and colors that enhance your natural features.

01 Get a fun experience together

The atmosphere during a group consultation is social and interactive, so everyone gets involved. This service is perfect for hen-parties, company events, baby showers, a treat for busy mums, or simply as an excuse to get your group of friends together!

Save money & time

Booking together is a relatively inexpensive way of having the Colour Me Beautiful experience. Not only will I pack up my consultation tools and come to you, so you don’t have to do the traveling to my studio. You will also be offered a generous discount on each analysis compared to my regular one-on-one prices.

03 fall back in love with your wardrobe

When you know your best colours and combinations, it can save you time and money wasted on items that end up sitting unworn in your closet.

group colour consultations

(for Danish residents only)

Addtional travel expenses may be charged

  • Up to 180 km from Aabenraa is free
  • Locations further away will be charged an addtional 3,- DKK pr. km, which will be charged on top of the final consultation price
  • Bookings on Zealand/in the Copenhagen area will be charged a bridge toll as well (395,- DKK)

***All prices are incl. VAT.


group vs. single consultation

what’s the difference?

Besides the benefits listed above (saving time, money and having twice the fun!), group consultations are generally a wonderful way to get more confidence in wearing colour. However, there are of course a few differences between the format of single vs. group consultations:

  • Both consultation types include a careful analysis of your colour type and a custom colour palette to match your unique features.
  • Single consultations include draping of all 42 colours. This means you get to “try on” all the colours in your palette. This consultation alone takes 1,5 hours.
  • Group consultations don’t include full draping (as this would take up too much time), however we will handpick colours from your palette for you to try on for more of a “light” draping experience, and then you can explore the remaining colours on your own. This consultation takes between 2-3 hours depending on the size of the group.

Read more about single consultations HERE.


what my clients say

It's been almost a month since we met and I can't explain how grateful I am that you could give me the clarity I needed. Ever since we met I've been recreating amazing outfits. I feel great. a new me has been born.

Client, Virtuel wardrobe review

Signe helped me find my way back to the core of my style, and in no time she came up with a lot of new outfits using items from my closet. I have items within my wardrobe that I haven't used for years upon years which have now become my new favorites just by styling them in the right way - I never thought this would be possible!

Arlen Aguilar
Client, in-person wardrobe review

Booking this session was my treat to myself for the new year, and it was worth every penny. As we went through my color type. the light bulb went off and I feel more confident now, as previously I was pretty confused about what colors and combinations work best for me. Defining my style and reviewing my wardrobe has also really given me clarity about how to create outfits I feel both comfortable and chic in. I know this section in particular will really help me dress in a way that truly expresses who I am. Thanks so much Signe!

Hannah Lobb
Client, ivirtual wardrobe review & color analysis


Hi, I’m Signe!

I’m a former fashion designer turned certified style coach & colour consultant from Denmark. USE LESS is a personal styling service working within the field of slow fashion. Since 2015 I’ve helped my audience put on the right clothes, say goodbye to fast fashion and hello to lasting style that makes you glow from the inside and out. I embody a slow lifestyle where not being afraid of missing out – but committing to the important things in life – is at the core of everything I do.