“A week in outfits” with The Good Trade, spring 2019

Wrote an article for Buyagift‘s low-waste Christmas campaign which was then featured on UK’s Glamour magazine. November 2019.

Interview with Franz Magazine, Oktober 2019

Article from Danish newspaper JV, September 2019 (only available for subscribed readers)

Interview with my union TL 2019 (danish only) – read HERE

I hosted a workshop about capsule wardrobes in November 2019

Going from fulltime design assistant to self-employed influencer
Video interview with TL, March 2019 
What’s it like being a sustainable influencer
Interview with Haderslev ugeavis, March 2019

“With being an influencer comes great responsibility”
Interview with Danmark’s Radio (DR) 09.05.18 

How to create a succesful Youtube channel
Interview with Danmark’s Radio (DR) 09.05.18 

How I got into sustainable fashion & lifestyle 
Interview on Urban Girl’s Closet, 14.12.17

How living more sustainably has changed my life
Interview with Nordic Style Magazine, 15.05.17

Success with minimalistic fashion
Interview with Norwegian Infinitum Movement, February 2019

Podcast: Thoughts on Black Friday Sales
Co-hosting an episode of the Danish Podcast Sustain Daily, December 2018

How minimalism can enrich our lives
Podcast interview with Kaméa Chayne, October 2018