“Do your best until you know better. Then when you know better, do better” – Maya Angelou

I’m a former fashion designer turned certified style coach & colour consultant from Denmark. USE LESS is a personal styling service working within the field of slow fashion. Since 2015 I’ve helped my audience put on the right clothes, say goodbye to fast fashion and hello to lasting style that makes you glow from the inside and out. I embody a slow lifestyle where not being afraid of missing out – but committing to the important things in life – is at the core of everything I do.

Instagram is the place where I show you my own wardrobe gems and sustainable outfits. I am a proud outfit repeater, and I value personal style more than constantly showing off new purchases. In my stories you’ll get a glimpse into my daily life in Denmark too.

I also have a YouTube channel. Here you’ll find content touching topics like minimalism, slow fashion, styling guides, travel guides and more.


Being a conscious consumer & online content creator.

I wish to contribute to a kinder, more eco-conscious and inclusive fashion & lifestyle industry. That doesn’t mean that I never make mistakes, but I will always pull myself up again and try harder. I am trying to inspire you to challenge your own habits of consumption and change them for the better. I do my best to acknowledge the fact that we all have different starting points and the journey towards a more simple and sustainable lifestyle is very individual.


Paid-for advertisement.

It happens that I sometimes create content in collaboration with an external brand or service. This is a great opportunity for me to work directly with my favourite brands, share them with my audience – and gain profit to support my business.

It will always appear clearly, if something is an advertisement or published in collaboration with someone. I only work with brands I consider relevant for my concept and that I truly like. My personal opinion and integrity is more important for me than brand deals, and I will turn down brands or collaborations that doesn’t live up to my expectations any time – even if it’s a brand I’ve worked with in the past.



It happens that I use affiliate links on my platforms. This means that I receive a small percentage in commission if a purchase is being made. This is another way for me to provide my audience with a service (finding specific items online and listing them), while gaining profit for my efforts. Links like these will always be marked, so it’s clear to the reader/viewer.

I only link to products that fit with my overall concept of investing in long-term products. I try as far as possible to keep an eye on quality rather than quantity, and I also like to include products that are organic/fairtrade produced or even 2ndhand. It happens that I link to products/items that I do not own or have not tested myself, so please be aware that these products meet your own quality requirements. I always do my best to find similar options to what I have in my own wardrobe, or that I would at least recommend to a friend. The reason why you may be redirected to items that are not the same as mine, is often because of the availability. In that case, I try to find items that are as close to what I show as possible.

The link can either be written in conjunction with the text in a given blogpost, or I may link to products at the bottom of my blogposts, videos or via my Instagram profile. 


Brands I work with/have worked with

According to the UK law of Social Media endorsement, in order to be fully transparent towards your followers, you are obliged to inform which brands you have been working with (paid or gifted) within the last year. You must of course also inform which brands you have an ongoing collaboration with. Here are the brands that I am/have been working with:


Collabs within the last 12 months (updated Jan 24)

    • Skillshare
    • Moniva Vinader
    • Organic Basics
    • Open Wardrobe
    • Nordgreen
    • Nordregio
    • Blinkist
    • Power Of My People
    • Omybag Amsterdam


    All photos are taken by or for me, unless otherwise stated. If you wish to use some of my pictures, please contact me at usless_dk@outlook.dk.