E-book: styling toolbox

My styling toolbox is made with the purpose of helping you create amazing outfits and feel great; no matter who you are or what style you like. I’ve sprinkled some of these tips on my social platforms through the years, but I wanted to gather them up for a more comprehensive guide, so you always have the tools right at your fingertips when you need some extra help with your style and daily outfits.

The guide is perfect for you if you’ve already established your style personality, and if you feel like you’ve got the backbone of your wardrobe (more or less) sorted. If you need a little more help with that, make sure you check out my capsule wardrobe masterclass or my 1:1 styling sessions, where the guide will be included for free.

Available in Danish & English (you’ll receive a copy of both languages after purchasing)

20.00 / DKK 150,-


What’s inside?

The E-book includes no less than 10 helpful styling tools curated by me, that will help you create amazing outfits more effortlessly – every day.

  • 10 useful styling tools right at your fingertips
  • 25 pages in total
  • Lots of visual examples
  • Clickable links for additional video examples

The guide comes for free with my online masterclass and with wardrobe review consultations. Please note that after purchasing you’ll receive a download link. Make sure you download the guide and save it properly straight away.

For personal use only – contents may not be shared or reproduced.