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Jan 3, 2018 | 3 comments

The ones of you who follow me on Instagram knows that I’ve spend new years in Harz with a few close friends. We had some lovely days with lost of fresh air, nature, good food and last but certainly not least comfy clothes and no makeup. I couldn’t have imagined a more relaxed way to reach the finishline of 2017, haha! I feel like I’ve regained my energy, and I’ve been so excited to get back to work. I’ve been writing down lots of ideas in my little black bullet journal, and I can’t wait to see what new adventures 2018 is gonna bring along.

De af jer der følger mig på Instagram har nok fået med, at jeg tilbragte nytår i Harzen med nogle af vores tætteste venner. Det var nogle super hyggelige dage med masser af frisk luft, natur, god mad og ikke mindst hyggetøj og ingen makeup. Kunne ikke have forestillet mig en mere rolig måde, at afslutte 2017 på, haha! Jeg føler jeg har fået masser af ny energi, og har virkelig glædet mig til, at komme tilbage på arbejde igen. Jeg har skrevet en masse idéer ned i min lille sorte bog, og jeg glæder mig sindssygt meget til at se, hvad 2018 kommer til at byde på.

Of course I brought my winter parka, which I also wrote a few words a bout in this post, and I just thought I wanted to remind myself and also you guys how great this coat is. Even though I’m more of a woolcoat kinda girl during winter, the down parka is the only coat I have that can truly keep me warm when the temperatures start to freeze. Right there the practical matter is more important than the design. But I will say that in general, I think the down parka is a cool timeless classic, that can actually be kind of cool too. So even though I find it more of a practical item, I still think you look pretty well-dressed wearing it.

Jeg havde selvfølgelig taget min vinter parka med, som jeg også skrev om i dette indlæg, og i den forbindelse tænkte jeg, at jeg lige ville give den lidt ekstra spalteplads. Selvom jeg stilmæssigt er mest til uldfrakker her om vinteren, så er dette hands down den eneste frakke der sådan rigtigt kan holde mig varm, især når vi når ned til frysepunktet udenfor. Der vinder den praktiske faktor altså bare. Men jeg synes faktisk generelt, at dynejakken er en tidløs klassiker der også er ret sej. Så selvom den mest er praktisk, så synes jeg også man ser ganske velklædt ud.

My parka is from the Danish brand Minimum and is about 4 years old, but it’s still going strong. It wasn’t the cheapest of parkas out there (around 350 euros), but as you guys guessed it just better to pay a little more for and item like this, so that it lasts season after season. I would definitely go after a timeless style, and therefore I’ve found some alternatives for you in that category down below. I like these slightly longline coats, so that you stay as warm as possible. Just remember to check that the coat has a 2-way zipper so that you are able to open the coat at the bottom part so you’re able to move when you sit down or have to ride your bicycle.

Min parka er fra det danske mærke Minimum og er ca. 4 år gammel efterhånden, og den holder sig sindssygt godt. Det var ikke den billigste jakke på markedet (mener den kostede omkring 2500 kr.), men som I kan forså så kan det godt betale sig, at give lidt ekstra for et item som dette, så det holder i mange sæsoner. Jeg ville helt klart også gå efter en model der er mere tidløs, og har derfor fundet nogle fine alternativer til jer nedenfor. Jeg er mest til det lidt længere modeller, så man holder sig så varm som muligt. Bare husk at investere i en jakke med 2-vejs lynlås, så du har mulighed for at lyne jakken op nedefra, hvis du fx skal ud og cykle.



  1. Marta

    Hey Signe!
    I really like your youtube channel and blog. I firstly started watching/reading because of the fashion content, but got interested in ecology too. You inspired me to think about all the waste I’m producing and implement some small changes, that hopefully, in time, will make some difference.
    I was very curious about your eco crystal deodorant. I also think that useing the crystal itself wouldn’t be convenient, so I wanted to make a solution and use it as spray, like you!
    Could you tell me, does it still work? Could you somehow estimate the amount of crystal and water you used? Are you satisfied with the proportions, or would you now make it differently? I’d be most appreciated for any advice.

    Best regards,

    • signeh24

      Hi Marta :-* thank you so much! It’s still works fine, when I smell really close to my arm pits it does smell a little more some days, but hey. That’s natural, right 🙂 As long as it’s as little as it is it’s okay. I actually just put the whole thing in a little spray bottle and filled it completely with water. It worked fine 🙂 Just be aware that the pump can get clogged with the crystal sometimes. In that case just screw it off and pump some warm water through, that dissolves it. XX

      • Marta

        Thank you very much for your answer! I’ll definately give it a go 😉


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