Low buy 2020


There’s a lot of pressure on us as consumers these days, and it can be incredibly hard and overwhelming to see through all that greenwashing out there. The most sustainable thing we can do anyway, is to use what we already have (not to mention a privilege) to reach that point, where you feel like “yes, my wardrobe is finally where I want it to be”.

This is the challenge where I question myself not only as a consumer but also as a so-called “influencer”. It is inspired by Style Apotheca’s low buy challenge 2019, so I’ve started my own, similar challenge for the year of 2020 – together with you guys. I’m facilitating the hashtag #2020wehaveplenty, and it is so amazing to see how many of you are already using the hashtag and joining the challenge! The purpose is not only to learn from our mistakes and become better consumers, but also to get some peace of mind. Something the planet and all its beings need more than ever.

Be curious, be critical. But be kind above all.