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New natural deo fave (that ACTUALLY works)

Alright guys… I think we’re there! Let’s talk about something as intimate as sweat. Sweat, odor and stubborn yellow pit stains especially. We’re getting closely acquainted now, can you feel it? 😉

6 ways to wear: the short sleeve shirt.

Each time I do these “6 ways to wear” challenges, I learn to put together my favourite items in my wardrobe in new ways. For example, I ended up being really excited about look number 3 on the collage above (you can see a live version of the outfit in the video at the bottom of the post). The striped t-shirt worked SO well under this shirt! Besides that, I was also really pleased with the slightly more preppy and fun vibe in look number 4 when I tied a knot on the shirt. It’s quite fun to isolate an item this way, and (re)discover how many styling options you actually have. It’s a great way to satisfy your inner fashionista without storming out to buy something new!