DIY natural dryshampoo (it works!)

Dec 2, 2017 | 3 comments

Today I would like to share a very easy and super convenient tip with you guys which I’ve often shared on my Instagram stories: my homemade dryshampoo. I’m a huge fan of dryshampoo, especially because I don’t wash my hair every day. I try all the time to rethink my buying habits, and speaking of beauty supplies this is definitely one of the areas I have really made a huge difference the past year both when it comes to creating less waste, save some money and not least switch to products that are better for me and the environment too.

I dag vil jeg gerne dele et super nemt og praktisk tip med jer, som jeg ofte har teaset på min Instagram: nemlig min hjemmelavede tørshampoo. Jeg er kæmpe fan af tørshampoo, især eftersom jeg ikke vasker mit hår hver dag. Jeg prøver hele tiden at genoverveje mine forbrugsvaner, og beauty-delen er især ét af de områder jeg virkelig er kommet godt efter både dét at producere mindre spild, spare nogle penge og ikke mindst skifte over til produkter der er gode for mig og miljøet.

The reason that I don’t wash my hair every day is of course to spare my hair and scalp. I’ve been washing my hair every second to third day for years, and I definitely feel that my hair has become much more healthy because of that. On days where I work out I only wash my face and body, and then I’ll just blowdry my damp hair. If I’ve been sweating a lot though, I might rinse my hair just with water and maybe put a bit of oil in the ends. That’s it. I use my dryshampoo in these situations, when my hair is a bit flat and greasy. I know it may sound “gross” which it’s not at all. Your hair wont smell like sweat like your body tends to.

You need

Raw cocao powder (only if you have dark hair)
A container to put it into

Grunden til, at jeg ikke vasker mit hår hver dag er selvfølgelig for, at skåne både hår og hovedbund. I flere år har jeg vasket mit hår ca. hver 2.-3. dag, og jeg synes helt klart min hår virker sundere end nogensinde. De dage jeg træner kan jeg godt finde på kun at vaske min krop og mit ansigt, og så evt. føntørre mit hår der hvor det er blevet lidt fugtigt. Hvis jeg har svedt meget skyller jeg det kun med vand og kommer måske en smule olie i spidserne. That’s it. Jeg bruger min tørshampoo i disse situationer, når mit hår er lidt fladt og fedtet omkring min skilning. Jeg ved det lyder lidt “ulækkert”, men det er det overhovedet ikke. Dit hår lugter jo ikke af sved på samme måde som din krop.

Du skal bruge

Evt. rå kakaopulver hvis du har mørkt hår
En opbevaringsbøtte (min er en tom bøtte fra et tidligere hårprodukt)

If you want you could apply a couple drops of essential oils to the mix (I like to use lavender oil), if you like your dryshampoo to have a lovely scent. Jeg keep my dryshampoo in a container that used to have hair volume-powder in it. It’s very good for this purpose, because I can then just sprinkle my dryshampoo directly from the container into my hair. You can also just put it into a small glass jar and then apply it with a big makeup brush. Anyway, this dryshampoo works just as well as the ones I’ve bought over time – my hair gets fresh, gets some volume too and the best thing is that it’s super cheap and free from harsh chemicals. My hair wont get scrunchy either, which can be the problem with some of the conventional dryshampoos.

Du kan også dryppe 2-3 dråber æterisk olie i melet (jeg bruger sommetider lavendel), hvis du godt kan lide, at det dufter lidt. Jeg opbevarer min tørshampoo i en bøtte, der engang havde sådan noget volume-hårpudder i. Den er derfor rigtig smart, fordi jeg bare kan drysse tørshampoo’en direkte ned i hovedbunden. Du kan også sagtens opbevare den i et lille glas og påføre den med en stor makeup pensel. Anyway, denne her tørshampoo virker lige så godt som dem jeg før i tiden har købt – min hår bliver friskt, får lidt volume og det bedste af det hele er, at det er super billigt og fri for alt muligt unødvendigt kemi. Desuden bliver mit hår heller ikke tørt og mat at se på, som nogle af de konventionelle tørshampoo har tendens til.


  1. Phaedra

    Hey Signe! I am also looking to substitute my dry shampoo to something simpler and less harmful. I was told that cornstarch is not healthy for the body and that some people prefer to use baking soda instead of cornstarch. Also, for colouring, one might use cinnamon (for red hair) or paprika. I am not sure how you use the lavender oil as I would assume that adding drops to the powder will result in a paste? Can you explain? Thank you and love your blog and channel.

    • signeh24

      Hm, that makes me wonder – baking soda is not a natural product like cornstarch. So I wouldn’t take that too seriously, I think 🙂 Zero waster’s use of baking soda is also very controversial actually, not everyone agrees that it’s a healthy alternative. Great idea with the paprika for people with red hair! 🙂 Don’t worry about the cornstarch turning into a paste – the amount you add is so little that it doesn’t really do anything to the powder other than adding a lovey scent to it. I only add 2 very small drops to my mixture. XX


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