How to build your dream wardrobe from scratch in 10 steps!

Jun 20, 2018 | 5 comments

Since I started my Youtube channel 2 years ago and my blog really started kicking off too, I have made many different wardrobe guides. I still get the question “but Signe, where do I start?” though, and therefore I wanted to make this complete guide that sort of gathers all of my guides together into one. The purpose is that you’ll learn exactly where to start after going through this guide, that you can understand the whole proces and that you’ll eventually end up with the wardrobe you’ve always been dreaming of in the end. It wont happen over night and the proces can take weeks, months, maybe even a few years depending on your economy and how much time you put into the project. No matter what, a lasting wardrobe where quality above quantity is key is really the way to go, and I hope you’ll end up being as happy about the result as I have been the past 3-4 years. You’ll find additional links with more in-depth guides for all the steps in the bottom of this post.

The “infographic” above describes in short how the whole proces works (and it’s based on my own experiences), but if you want a few extra words on each steps then watch my video in the bottom of this post. It’s made exactly for that purpose! Other than that I think the guide should be rather easy to follow, but if you do have some questions you’d like me to answer any way don’t hesitate to write me a comment, send me a DM on Instagram or email me. Have fun girls (and boys!).

Siden jeg for 2 år siden begyndte at lægge videoer på Youtube, og bloggen for alvor begyndte at tage form, har jeg lavet mange forskellige garderobe guides. Jeg får dog stadig ofte spørgsmålet; “jamen Signe, hvor pokker skal jeg starte henne?” og af samme årsag har jeg valgt at lave denne komplette guide, der på en måde samler mange af de guides jeg har delt med jer i tidens løb. Formålet er, at du (forhåbentlig) så ved præcist hvor du skal starte, at du kan se meningen i hele processen og ikke mindst ender med den garderobe du altid har drømt om. Det kommer ikke til at ske over én nat, og processen kan tage flere uger, måneder, måske endda et par år alt afhængig af din økonomi og tid. Uanset hvad, så er en holdbar garderobe hvor kvalitet over kvantitet er det vigtigste element overhovedet vejen frem, og jeg håber du ender med, at blive ligeså glad for resultatet som jeg har været de sidste par år. Du finder i øvrigt links med uddybende guides til alle trinene ovenfor nederst i dette indlæg.

Ovenstående “infographic” beskriver kort og godt hver eneste step i hele processen (baseret på mine egne oplevelser og erfaringer), men hvis du gerne vil have tilknyttet et par ord til hvert trin, så skal du se min video nederst i indlægget. Den er nemlig lavet til lige præcis dét formål! Ellers så bør guiden være til at gå til – hvis du alligevel sidder tilbage med nogle spørgsmål, så smid mig en kommentar, send mig en DM på Instagram eller skriv mig en mail. Rigtig god fornøjelse piger (og drenge!).

1. The current situation

Thoughts about consumerism (why I’ve become a “minimalist”)
Capsule what, why & how
The core basics of any wardrobe

2. Describe your style

How to find your style in 5 steps
How to accessorize
How to add colours to your wardrobe

3. Empty your closet

Giving you closet a “deep cleanse”

4. Divide your clothes into piles

Capsule what, why & how

5. Store away items you don’t need right now

Re-organizing the way I store my clothes (vlog)

6. How to decide what to part with

Youtuber Justine Leconte’s video on body shapes
My guide on how to decide what to part with or not

7. Organizing your “new” wardrobe

A tour inside my wardrobe
Helpful wardrobe overview apps
My wardrobe overview

8. Up your shopping-game for good

My minimalist shopping guide
6 steps to better fashion choices
My secondhand shopping guide
How to plan your shopping
My thoughts on designer items and logos

9. Handle your wardrobe with care

10 tips on how to care for your wardrobe
DIY denim skirt from old jeans
How to make jeans slimmer
All “handle with care” posts

10. Enjoy your wardrobe!

How to reinvent your wardrobe without shopping
How I use Pinterest to reinvent my wardrobe
Steal her style (youtube styling series)
6 ways to wear
How to nail “effortless styling”



  1. Karime

    Love this post! Very useful ?

  2. Laurine

    I really liked this printable. Thank you for sharing, I’ll definitely use this!

  3. Maroulio

    Signe, I sell good quality pre-owned clothing, no damage, etc. on Poshmark in the US. I sell a lot of linen clothing (which I wear all year round) as well as other items. (My site is @linenandmore, but if you don’t want it listed you can delete this part.)
    I am one of your faithful readers and you-tube fans.

  4. Barbara Lofgren

    The most sensible post on capsule wardrobes I have seen. Yes…first consider your lifestyle. You might wear a business suit 5 days a week, so all those capsule wardrobes with nothing but casual clothes just won’t work.

  5. Mercedes Arnao

    I think I am finally ready to declutter my closet and get rid of stuff I don’t like and don’t wear. I have the Cladwell app and am working on creating capsule wardrobes. I need casual clothing for WORK. Things like jeans and dress pants, shirts, blouses, basic tees, jackets, sweaters and because I commute, I need comfortable shoes and sneakers. Then I need LOUNGE WEAR for hanging around the house and then WEEKEND stuff, which of course can also be items from my work capsule. What confuses me is that for each of the above capsules, I also have to have a seasonal capsule. So, do I need a Winter Work capsule as well as a Spring Work capsule? HELP!!!


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