How to wear: mom jeans.

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Mom jeans/ Topshop (HERE) – find the other items HERE

Dette er en ny kategori, som jeg så ofte jeg har mulighed for det, vil dykke ned i! Noget jeg synes er rigtig fedt ved en capsule wardrobe eller en rigtig godt gennemarbejdet garderobe i det hele taget, er de mange muligheder for at style produkterne på kryds og tværs. Det er lige netop dette, jeg vil illustrere med denne nye kategori “how to wear”. Mom jeans er i høj grad noget vi har taget med os fra 90’erne, men ikke desto mindre er de virkelig blevet en fast bestanddel i min garderobe – både med en fin slip top til en bytur eller med en vamset sweater om søndagen.

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]with a cute little slip top for a night out or a snuggly sweater on Sundays.[/pullquote]

/ This is a new category, which I will make updates for as often as I can! One of the things I think is really cool about a capsule wardrobe or a really well made wardrobe in general, are the many possibilities to style the items all together as you want. So that’s exactly what I will illustrate in this new category “how to wear”. Mom jeans is very much something we’ve taken with us from the 90’s, but nevertheless they have really become a staple in my wardrobe – both with a cute little slip top for a night out or a snuggly sweater on Sundays.


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