The perfect trenchcoat

Apr 11, 2018 | 3 comments

Back in December, I was so privileged that I got to choose a couple of styles for my basic wardrobe from Everlane. The ones of you who have been following me for a long time know, that I am very fond of the American brand because ethics and sustainability is a core value for them. Besides that they make timeless designs that you can use over and over, year after year. You probably also know by now, that Everlane doesn’t ship to Europe all the time, but only on certain dates and through certain weeks during the year. If you want to read my guide on how that all works and when to get notified when they do ship to Europe, you can read my guide on that right HERE.

Tilbage i December var jeg så heldig, at få lov til at få tilsendt et par items fra Everlane. De af jer som har fulgt mig noget tid ved, at jeg er rigtig glad for det Amerikanske mærke, fordi etik og bæredygtighed er højt på dagsordenen. Desuden laver de holdbare, tidsløse designs som man kan bruge igen og igen, år efter år. Den opmærksomme læser ved også, at Everlane som udgangspunkt ikke sender til EU, men de har nogle udvalgte datoer og perioder i løbet af året, hvor de tager imod ordrer fra alle os i Europa, der ikke kan få nok af deres produkter. Du kan læse min guide til shopping på Everlane lige her, og blive lidt klogere på hvordan du ved hvornår disser perioder kommer, hvordan du skal forholde dig til told mv.

Anyway, back to what this post is really about; this amazing trench coat from Everlane! In my opinion this is how a real trench coat should look, and it is perfect for your basic wardrobe. The fabric is heavy and crisp, it’s beautifully lined all over the inside, it’s got the perfect beige colour (which varies A LOT from brand to brand!) and it has the right amount of detailing too, that a trench coat should have in my eyes. Besides that it is made with a water repellent finish, which makes it really practical especially when you live in a country like Denmark, where it’s raining a good 90% of the time (okay, slightly dramatic – but still).

Anyway, tilbage til dét som dette indlæg faktisk skal handle om; nemlig denne flotte trench coat fra Everlane! I min optik er dette den PERFEKTE trench til din basis garderobe. Kvaliteten er kraftig og knitrende, der er linning overalt inde i jakken, den har den perfekte farve (som virkelig svinger meget fra mærke til mærke!) og så har den bare de helt rigtige detaljer, som en klassisk trench skal have. Udover det er den lavet med et vandafvisende finish, hvilket er virkelig praktisk når man bor i et land som Danmark, hvor det regner 90% af tiden (ej okay, men det regner meget).

My trench coat is part of my all-year basic wardrobe, but I don’t use it during the winter. It is a perfect transitional piece during spring, summer and autumn though so I still get to use it a great deal of the year. I have been so excited to really start using it ever since I got my hands on it! It’s beautiful with white/black/grey and denims and also the red and blush accents I have in my spring capsule. The coat is also available in black right here, and it is also made in a short version right here.

Min trench coat er en del af min helårs basis garderobe, men jeg bruger den reelt set ikke om vinteren. Men forår, sommer og efterår er den en perfekt overgangsfrakke, så det er alligevel en stor del af året, den kan bruges. Jeg har glædet mig så meget til, at kunne tage den rigtigt i brug lige siden jeg fik fingrene i den. Den er fin både sammen med sort/hvid/grå og denim og også den røde og sarte rosa farve jeg har med i min spring capsule. Frakken fås også i sort lige her og i en kortere version lige her.




  1. Melanie

    Your trench looks great! I like your outfit. A trench is a very good a classic wardrobe piece :-*

  2. Vicki Zimmerman

    Greetings from Southern California! I am a new fan girl, even at my woman-of-a-certain-age status, and you are now one of my favorite vloggers, along with Angie Cox, at youlookfab and Jennifer L. Scott at the dailyconnoisseur. I first discovered you with your effortless style #1 video on the perfect basic wardrobe. It was wonderful and you inspired me to purchase a white pinstripe blazer, which I found and have been wearing regularly during our pretty springtime weather. I have a similar basic style and do like a classic look. My question, here, since I am new, is if there is a video connected with the subject, above, on the perfect trench coat? I didn’t see a link, so I am never certain if the subscribed YouTube notices I am getting, match these here on your blog. I did a quick search and didn’t see a video on this. So, can you explain, please, how this works?

    • signeh24

      Hi Vicki! Thanks for being here first of all! So glad you find my content so inspiring, and that I can be able to help and inspire you makes me beyond grateful. <3 I am working on making a newsletter, but until I get that up and running you can subscribe to my blog via bloglovin' and get notified there everytime a new blogpost goes up:

      For youtube make sure you subscribe and turn on notifications by clicking the bell on the frontpage of my profile. That just means that my videos will show up in your startfeed, and you can turn on/off a notification on your phone too:

      I hope this helps! :-* xx


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