3 ways to style my versatile (and sustainable) jewelry designs.

Mar 4, 2019 | 9 comments

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As you guys know I launched my own sustainable jewelry design called “Scandinavia Bound” back in January, and therefore I thought it would be nice with some inspiration on how to combine the jewelry. The whole idea behind it is “mix & match” and there are many ways in which you can make the look more personal. Right now we’re also working on adding a few extension pieces to the collection over the summer, and I’m so excited for this. I’m sure you guys will love the new add-ons too, and they will allow you to make the combination of jewelry even more personal.

Som I ved så lancerede jeg tilbage i Januar mit eget bæredygtige smykkedesign “Scandinavia Bound”, og jeg tænkte derfor jeg ville give jer lidt inspiration til, hvordan smykkerne kan sammensættes. Idéen bag kollektionen er “mix & match”, og der er mange måder man kan gøre sammensætningen personlig på. Lige nu arbejder vi også på, at tilføje nogle enkelte extensions til kollektionen henover sommeren, og jeg er super spændt på det. Jeg er ret sikker på I også vil elske de nye tilføjelser, og de vil give jer mulighed for at gøre kombinationen af smykker endnu mere personlig.

The “all in” combo

You need: Dune pendant & Tide studs set in silver here, Gold Meadow pendant & necklace set here, Dune pendant in gold here, long anchor chain in silver here, Starling ring in gold here.

This is the combination I’ve been happiest about putting together personally, but of course I have all the pieces in the collection, so it might be a little easier for me to go “all in”. I just wanted to show you that even thought the collection is rather minimal, it can be turned into something a bit more statement too. I’ve been loving putting more than one pendant (the pendants that can be used in both your necklaces our in your ear studs) on my necklaces lately for example. And again the whole idea behind the collection was that you should also be able to combine gold and silver as you like, which I’ve also done here. Jeg also like to combine my own designs with jewelry I already have in my collection, just to layer up even more and to add more little details to the look.

Dette er den kombination jeg har været allergladest for personligt, men nu har jeg også alle de enkelte smykker i min egen samling, så det er måske lidt lettere for mig at gå “all in”. Jeg har været helt tosset med, at kombinere de forskellige vedhæng (der som bekendt både kan sættes i kæderne eller i dine ørestikkere) ovenpå hinanden i mine halskæder – jeg synes det er en super fin måde at gøre smykkerne en anelse mere “statement” og personlige, da kollektionen jo ellers er ret minimalistisk. Og igen, så har idéen bag kollektionen også været, at man skulle kunne kombinere guld og sølv som man synes, så det har jeg også gjort her. Jeg blander gerne smykkerne med gamle smykker jeg allerede har i forvejen, når jeg går efter denne kombi for her handler det lidt om så mange fine, små detaljer som muligt.

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Simply elegant

You need: Meadow Pendant & Tide studs set in gold here, Dune pendant & necklace set in gold here, Starling ring in gold here.

This combination can of course be recreated in all silver as well if that’s more your thing, but the point is that some days I like gold, some days I like silver and some days I like both. This combo is perfect for those days where I’m more into all gold. I think it’s an elegant and timeless combination, that is perfect for both everyday and festive events, maybe even with a messy up-do.

Denne kombination kan naturligvis laves helt i sølv hvis man hellere vil det, men hovedpointen er her, at nogle dage er jeg mest til guld, andre dage mere til sølv – og nogle dage bliver det begge dele. Denne kombination er perfekt til de dage hvor jeg gerne vil holde det hele lidt mere simpelt og rent i guld. Synes det er en super elegant og tidløs kombination, som er perfekt både til hverdag eller fest, måske med håret sat op.

All silver

You need: Tide studs in silver here, Dune necklace set here, long curb chain here, silver Starling ring here.

The combo is really simple, but then again some days that’s all I need. I think the long curb chain without any pendants is really nice on its own too, and it’s perfect with the short anchor chain. In general I’m loving combining the different types of chains for looks like this, just to add different texture and another kind of balance to the look. You could also add some pendants to the earrings if you like. The Dune pendants can actually be worn both on the earlobe and behind it, so there’s a few ways to make them look a bit different from time to time. Just a little tip.

Don’t forget to tag me over on Instagram, if you buy some of the pieces and if you feel like showing me how you’ve combined everything!

Denne kombination er også super simpel, men det er så dejligt nogle dage. Jeg synes den lange curb kæde uden vedhæng er rigtig fin i sig selv, og perfekt sammen med den korte anchor kæde. Generelt er jeg vild med, at kombinere kæder med forskellig “tekstur” og længde på denne måde, for jeg synes det giver et lidt mere interessant resultat med lidt mere balance, især når man går efter lag på alt som her. Du kunne selvfølgelig sagtens tilføje et par vedhæng til øreringene her også hvis du havde lyst. Dune vedhængende (de runde, snoede ringe) kan sættes både på selve øreflippen eller bag ved, for at gøre lokket en lille smule anderledes. Bare et lille tip.

Husk at tagge mig ovre på Instagram, hvis I køber nogle af smykkerne og har lyst til, at vise mig hvilke kombinationer I er gået efter!



  1. Fl

    I signe! I used to read and loved your blog, becouse of minimalism and sustainability in fashion, but with time, i just realised that you seem to be tricking yourself (and us) into that. You may not realise that you are always buying stuff, all the time. You pretend to tell us that you have a capsule with 4 jeans, but paying attention its really easy to see that you have over 10 pairs, and that you keep on buying (or receaving) more. You are supposed to be advocate for timeless fashion, but no, just go for the trends like every other fashion blogger, all brown, cargo, and shirts looking like pijamas, and there it goes, you just buy the hole pack, for using it one season, and then packing it away. And you do it season after season.
    New fashion trendy clothes, but also new things for home, new steamer instead asking for an iron at the hotel, new jogging pants when you already had a home lounge capsule, you just keep on buying things. And thats fine, but dont pretend to be sustainable, to care for our planet, or donde tell us to have a capsule with 4 pants when you just display 4 in the fotos but then have 4 more of each colour behind the scenes.
    What you do is overconsuming, kill the planet with your unsustainable habits, and wost, believe that you are doing it great. Just because you use some vintage clothes, that doesnt make you an eco blogger, or a sustainable fashionista. Its the living example of greenwashing in fashion.
    Its actually a pity that you didnt dare to be what you seemed to wanted to be when you started

    • signeh24

      I’m kind of stunned by this comment and not quite sure how to react to this – I am used to people pointing out my imperfections, or saying that I am “tricking” people into thinking I am sustainable when I’m not. Alone by saying this, you clearly don’t know who the person sitting behind this screen is. I’ve even written a whole section about it in my “about”, because there are (I’ve found out) so much pressure on people like me trying to live more sustainably, to be perfect.

      I am very open about the brands I work with – I am very open about the fact that yes, I do receive and buy items from sustainable fashion brands both to support them, test them and spread the word about them to my followers (read my disclaimer, that’s what it’s there for :-)). I sometimes say yes even though I have an item in my wardrobe similar to the ones I get offered, but usually I only say yes if I feel like it fills a gap for me. I say no to many things you wouldn’t know of. I am not forcing anyone to buy anything they do not need. I have NEVER claimed to be a non-consumer nor do I intend to be, because I don’t believe in non-consumerism.

      What I do is that I try to convince people to support ethical, sustainable brands & initiatives, to always buy secondhand where they can and where it makes sense and to use what they have more creatively. Does that mean you can never buy something new? You can never replace something you were never fully satisfied with? You can’t follow trends? No. I’m not an angry eco-warrior and I won’t tell people that they can’t do this or that. To me it makes more sense to SHOW people how they can take steps in the right direction.

      This coming spring season I’ve added yet another bunch of “new” items to my wardrobe: 3 of them being secondhand (because I always go for #secondhandfirst) and then some gifted, again because I was offered to work with a brand that I LOVE and I would love for more people to support their work. You choose to only see the fact that I add something “new” to my wardrobe, but you wouldn’t know about the amount of emails and offers I turn down every single month, because they don’t fit my sustainable universe or approach. I guess there’s always room for improvement, don’t get me wrong. Your comment has definitely made me think about the amount of “news” I add from season to season and maybe I should see if I can add less, but again I do my best to go for secondhand items. Keeping them in the loop if that makes sense. Because I also want to show people who likes frequent replacements that there is in fact a way to do this; by going for secondhand options or at least supporting sustainable brands.

      This post you’ve chosen to comment on is for my own sustainable jewelry brand, again a project I’ve launched to try to push the way people consume in the direction of something more sustainable. I’ve also launched a curated secondhand webshop where I handpick secondhand goodies from allover Denmark and sell them in there. To have you degrading me to “not being sustainable at all” with just one comment honestly makes me so sad, and I think it’s a shame that you’ve come to this conclusion. Again I’m sure there’s areas where I could probably still improve, and I will do what I can – but I never claimed to be the perfect consumer.

      You definitely gave me something to think about, hope this gave you something to think about too. x Signe

      • Steffi

        Very good answer Signe! Please do not let this comment unsettle you. …or people who do not know you and your work and have not bothered to look at your videos or blog entries. I am inspired by your way of life every day and I am very grateful that you show me ways to consume sustainable fashion or other things. I like you because you’re not a perfect eco-warrior and I do not want to be. I think you have found a good balance to combine style and sustainability. Go Signe! Many greetings from a loyal reader from Switzerland 🙂

        • signeh24

          Thank you Steffi, I cannot describe how grateful I am for your loyal support. I won’t change who I am for sure, because at the end of the day – I am who I am, and that’s what is mostly reflected on my social platforms. Thanks for loving my content regardless <3 lots of love, Signe xx

          • June

            Dear Signe,

            I was just catching up on your blog (one of my all-time favorites) and wanted to express my support and admiration for what you do!! You are an inspiration for those of us who are trying to do better.

            There seems to be a catch-22 for sustainable influencers: to sustain your own career, you need to promote and generate some revenue to keep your work going, but people are always standing by looking to criticize your every move. I think it is perfectly reasonable to accept thoughtfully chosen gifted items and to work critically with brands who are also trying to do better, and lead the way with incremental changes. I also think it’s amazing that you’ve created a beautiful line of ‘forever’ jewelry. The cumulative changes you’ve made and that you have inspired all your followers to make are nothing compared to a few short-sighted comments.

            Love you Signe!!
            June xx

          • signeh24

            Thank you so much for this June! And you are so right. We can’t please everyone. <3 Thanks for your support! Lots of love, Signe xx

  2. Maike

    Your whole collection is so so gorgeous and well thought-out! Since I am only into gold jewelry I will first have to save up money to buy something though 🙂

  3. Maryann Conner

    I’ve just recently found your YouTube channel and your blog. Love! Keep doing YOU! You do not need to explain yourself to unrealistic haters. Good people get it. As you grow bigger, more trolls will emerge. Competitive bloggers may also masquerade as commenters with nasty comments. Remember the #1 online rule: don’t feed the trolls! Lovely jewelry – I’m off to look at it. Thanks!

    • signeh24

      Thank you SO so much for your support Maryann, and you’re so right! It’s because of people like you I love doing what I do. <3 I hope you like the collection! hugs from Denmark


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